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Rina is a mom with an extensive passion for art and creating.  Whether it be painting, photographing, writing, designing, decorating, rescuing abandoned furniture, or even cooking or parenting, Rina feels as though everything is an expression of her artistic nature.

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Jay Ginsherman is a Toronto based Graphic Designer, Instructor, and map enthusiast. He is also a founding member of the art and education collective Softball. His creative practice ranges from graphic design, creative instruction, and illustration.

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Jessica is a mom, artist and, writer, and child advocate originally from  Santiago, Chile who has been in Canada since 2005.  Jessica's passion is to help individuals to get back their art into their lives. She volunteers at art-related events and has  hosted an art Club for many years. She believes we all carry art within, but that some of us had to leave it behind in order to  meet demands of our busy lives.Jessica loves cooking, nature and crafting with her daughter. She can be found at

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